Friday, November 13, 2009

Fried Computers

award winning bee painting
Like my new computer? I most certainly didn't plan on getting a new one.
However the sizzle and pop of frying motherboards, didn't leave me a choice.
My computer guru Phil thought at first I had a really bad bug, the H1N1 of computers, so to speak. However, the board was so fried that now he doesn't know what to think, no electrical UFO' terrorist's...I suppose I shouldn't be flip about such events, but I'm still at the laugh? or cry? stage art show St. Thomas Ontario.
Thank you to all who came out to the show this past weekend in St T. I'm still at the laugh or cry stage about that too. St T. has been hit extremely hard with the economic thing. St T. lost 5 major plants and now Ford has announced they're closing too, So I suppose we should have been prepared for a less than busy show. Add to that there were several major events in the area on the same weekend. It was a beautiful show, the art was stellar, but the attendance was pitiful.
On the up side I won a jurors choice award, which those in the art world know is big doin's, especially since the juror, Al Stewart, owns a gallery I want to get into, The Art Exchange (see side bar).
I don't have anything planned for December other than creating art, but since shows have a way of popping up, we'll see.
One thing I have been contemplating, is taking a page from the 'painting a day' crowd, and doing a painting a week, or perhaps more often, and putting them on an on line auction site like eBay. I think I would offer them to my e:mail list first, then see. What do you think?? My friend Cheryl 'O' is doing something similar, and since I'd been tossing the idea around for a while, I thought I might too. Never know until you try.

art show St Thomas Ontario

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