Saturday, November 21, 2009

This is one of those weeks where I've logged lots studio hours, but have nothing to 'show' for it. I've got two projects in the very early planning stages, that I'm quite excited about. I find working on two at the same time means that as one is drying I can work on the other, rather than standing around watching paint dry. Of course since I'm not known for my patience... too often I try to work into it too early, and make a mess. So two at once just makes sense!

All of the prep work is important, but not glamorous. I find it easier to do several canvas's at once when I'm cradling/stretching/gessoing. However, I've broken a bunch of my clamps so I can't do as many at a time as I'd like, which means it all takes longer. Moral of the story, don't waste time and money on dollar store clamps!! And time to go shopping... I hate shopping.

I've refined the storage/work area in my studio to give me a bigger work space. That way I can work on bigger pieces without having to fight the space. It was making me crazy (short trip) when I had to tip things up to turn them, and no matter how careful I was I kept banging edges, no more! Also this means I can work bigger, which has been my tendency, bigger is better, when you have a lot to say with your art.

I've donated a portrait gift certificate to the silent auction for the re-vitalization of the library in St T. the gala is on November 28th, 7-8 at the library on Curtis St.

Santa Paws, the fundraiser for Therapy Dogs, and pet rescue is on Dec 5th 9:30 - 1:00, come get Fido or Mittens picture taken with Santa, I'm planning on having a booth to advertise my pet portraits ( and people too). Consequently I've been doing charcoal sketches of pets to have made into cards for this event. Cards are a blessing, so often that's how I pay my table space at these type of events. Well for a week when I thought I had nothing much to say, I've said a lot, have a great week!
Here's a 'studio tour' for you:

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