Thursday, April 1, 2010

childrens portrait in charcoal

I'm at a stage now where I have to put the portrait away for a few days, so that I can look at it with fresh eyes. I could keep on noodling away at it, but I'm better of to let it rest. It's terribly easy to ruin a portrait at this point, with paint you can gesso out and re-paint any tragedy. Charcoal isn't so forgiving.

I'm hoping that I've caught the mischief I sense in the young girls slightly crooked grin and the confidence of what I perceive to be a slightly quieter soul in the young man. There is a hint of the man he's going to be in the squarish jaw and the direct gaze of those very clear eyes. The girl still has a bit of the infant in the curve of her cheek, but here is nothing babyish about the glint in those eyes.

If Mom or Grandma see any glaring inaccuracies please let me know. I see his hair line is wrong, anything eles?

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