Thursday, April 8, 2010

Charcoal Childrens Portrait Finished

The Portrait has passed muster, and will be picked up tomorrow. I'm back to work on the monarda painting, and on good weather days getting a start on gardening.

The last few days have been more than a little wet, and my garden is under water, so no gardening for me, lately.

Last year I started a butterfly garden, but by the time I was able to plant it, the stuff I wanted to transplant was up too far, so that has been taken care of now, yeah!

Most of the plants in my garden serve to either feed or provide habitat for either birds or butterfly's. Of course there are a few plants that are there simply because I love them, and my garden wouldn't feel complete without them, hosta, roses, and peony's to name a few, but even these are pollen/nectar sources.

The highlight is my pond, the fish and frogs call it home and the birds line up to use the bathing stones, all part of providing habitat.

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  1. Thank you Mobile, if I can inspire even one other person to provide habitat for birds and pollinators I would be honoured. For more info on the back yard habitat program see the links section on my side bar.


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