Sunday, April 18, 2010

Taxes and Gardening

Every year I find myself putting of getting the tax stuff ready. I've given up on doing them myself, that was just WAY to stressful. Don't get me wrong, I know taxes are a necessary evil, if you want to live in a great place like Canada. Still, I have a million excuses, most of them centering on my garden.
Living in an area of heavy clay I have a limited window to do transplanting, and any extensive digging or bed renovation. It doesn't seem to matter how much compost/manure/topsoil I put into my beds, the clay just seems to gobble it up, so that's one lovely excuse.
I've actually broken 2 pitch forks, 3 shovels and an unknown number of hand tools trying to plant and weed, so 'having' to plant and weed while the soil is workable is another lovely excuse.
Of course by the time that's well underway, it's time to cut down winter grasses and seed heads. Being a 'backyard habitat' I leave them up for overwintering birds and critters. Of course I have to do that before the grasses and rushes start to grow, and before the cone flowers, penstamen etc get too far up. There's three excuses.
Pruning has to be done on roses, raspberries and most other shrubs before they leaf out too far, that's four.
Then there is compost bin emptying, mulch spreading, and of course at lest one bed needs to either 'grow' or be overhauled... before the ground gets to difficult to work... and plants get up too far... of course.
So you get the idea.
Another great excuse of course is work, both my part time job, and my real work, my art.
I can maybe ease off on the marketing aspect of my art, for a week or two, but no more than that. This is the time of year when the 'calls for artists' come in thick and fast for the summer show circuit, and I'm at a point in my career where I need to be out there, visible, making a name for myself, so when they call, I need to answer.
But still (sigh) I have to get the taxes ready (sigh).

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