Saturday, April 24, 2010

May Newsletter

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Many thanks to the people who have button holed me to ask where the newsletter was. I've been spending way too much time in my garden, and letting a few things get behind, like house work... and my newsletter.
Every year I spend a couple of intense weeks in the garden, as soon as the soil is workable. I transplant, weed, cleanup, expand, mulch, and then my work is pretty much done until fall clean up. Oh sure I wander around the garden most mornings with my coffee cup in one hand and a weeder, or scissors- for dead heading- in the other, but really that's it. Mulch is the miracle here, that and careful plant selection.
Some of you know my garden, it's large. It's also a certified backyard wildlife habitat, which I'm quite proud of.
For info on the Canadian Wildlife Federation's backyard habitat program and how to get involved go to and look in the ‘resources' side bar. It's not a hard thing to do (certification), but it does take commitment.

In my corner of the art world things are heating up.
Wed. May 5, 7-8:30pm is the Appreciation of the Arts Programme/opening, the show continues May 6, 1-9pm, and May 8, 10-3pm. Every year during their programme they showcase various performers and ‘feature' a couple of local artists. The featured artists this year will include my friends Daniel and Sharon Brassard ( I hope I spelled that correctly) and myself.
The performers are great to extraordinary, and it is overwhelming to see so much local art in one place, many of these artists aren't in any of the guilds, so this is your opportunity to see their work.
The show is at The Church Of Latter Day Saints, 436 Elm St, St Thomas.

Dorchester and Area Artist Network 15th annual show and sale, is at the Dorchester on Thames Golf Club, 3342 Hamilton Rd. Opening Gala Sat. May 28 6-9 pm, show continues May 29, 10am-4pm.
As well as D.A.N members this show also features the work of local high school students. It's amazing to see the talent of the next generation, this show will blow your socks off.
This is the same weekend that the Belmont and area Horticultural Society has our annual plant sale. There will be all kinds of perennials, heritage veggies, exotic tropicals, and garden ‘accessories'. Belmont is just up the road from Dorchester, on Highway 74.
Saturday we'll be at the former Brooklynn's on the main road, and Sunday we move around the corner onto Caesar Rd, and the Fire hall, where the annual ‘Fireman's breakfast' will be taking place.
So why not make a day of it, breakfast served by a fireman, plants to buy, and just down the road, art to see/buy. Now that's my definition of a perfect day!
I believe I've ‘talked' about Salthaven before. Salthaven is a Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre
We're still working out the details, but I'm excited to announce that we will be entering into a partnership. I will have access to their ‘critters', which will enable me to create art featuring them. Salthaven will use images of the completed work, on promotional items to raise much needed funds, and the originals will be part of the travelling educational show I'm putting together, for public galleries.
Well that's the highlights, there is a ton of other stuff happening, the first Port Stanley Art Walk of the year is May 7. That's a sure sign spring is here!
I'm certain there are all kinds of other events, as always as I find out about them I'll post them in the side bar of my blog.

Get out there and enjoy the season,

Yours in art

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