Saturday, May 1, 2010

Humming bird painting with bee balm

Since my newsletter last week, a couple of things have either changed or come up.

The change is to the date of the Horticultural society plant sale, we've moved it ahead a week to Thursday May 20, 3-6pm, May 21, 3-6pm, and Saturday May 22 9 am-12pm. We had originally planned on avoiding the long weekend, linking with the fireman's breakfast, however, great news, we received word that we will be getting a huge donation of perennials, on the 17th, so we want to have the sale while the plants are fresh.

Catherine and I had not planned on being in the St Thomas Studio Tour. However an opportunity has come up for us to share studio space next door to friends of ours, Sharon and Daniel Brassard. I don't have the exact address yet, but their studio is in the old Alma Train Station on Wellington St west, St Thomas.

Finally, I've finished my latest painting, I think.... :)

It's called 'flight path', and it's part of my pollinators series.

Hummingbirds are everyones favorite pollinator. Sometimes the little guys, or as in the case of the bird in my painting, the little gals, cheeks and bibs are covered in yellow pollen from their lapping at nectar. Some flowers are designed so that only hummingbirds can pollinate them, and many more are pollinated by hummers as well as other pollinators.

So the next time you see one buzzing around enjoy, and say a silent thank you.

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