Thursday, August 19, 2010

exciting times

There is so much happening right now that I hardly know where to start. Some of it I have to stay mum on just yet (bursting here), but this is what I can tell you so far.
On Oct 4th last year I started a journey that is coming to fruition. After much jumping through hoops I've been accepted into the Self Employment Program delivered by the Provincial government. They are very negative towards the arts so this was a very tough process, but hey, I won one for our side, it just took way more effort to prove myself worthy of their help.
To me this attitude makes no sense. They don't view artist's as business people, so they're unwilling to give us business help... so how are we supposed to develop business skills if we are excluded from the training and coaching offered to other small businesses? Am I the only one who sees the flaw in their logic?
Now, I have to write a business plan, I've got the first draft done, but I've been sent into re-write, this is a ton of work, research, etc.
I'm having a really hard time coming up with a business name, Artyfix? Joy of Art? Art to Joy? Joy in Art, Joy in Artistry? Why not just Robin Baratta Art? I'm told it's too long, not 'catchy' and easily misspelled, sigh. What do you think? any suggestions?
I've got a couple of commissions I've been working on at the same time, and I feel like they're in slow mode, can't be helped ~ but I hate not delivering when I say I'm going to. (Not at a stage that will photograph well)
Plus of course it's art show season, so every weekend we (DH and I) are off someplace, flogging the art.
Catherine, Rose and I have a show coming up Sept 1- 30 at the Central Library , so I have to get ready for that too, and of course against my better judgement I got rooked into doing Iron Horse in St Thomas next weekend, argh! tear out hair, where am I gonna get the time!! argh!
Oh pooh sounds like I'm complaining/whinging again, sorry about that.
The other really big exciting thing I can't tell just yet, but as soon as I can :)

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