Saturday, August 28, 2010

More Excitment

One of the very exciting things I've been yammering about lately was born Thursday morning. We have another perfect little girl in our family, and yes, 2nd Grandbabies are every bit as exciting as 1st's are.
I was already totally in love with, and committed to this tiny scrap of humanity, then I found out that my son and daughter inlaw have given her my second name. I feel deeply honoured, and humble at the same time.
This week has been a week of beginnings. I've finally done it, I've started my own business (officially). I've done several weeks of prep to get to this step, and still have a few weeks to go, one facet of this business is still in the works.....exciting!
My business is call 'The Expressive Brush'. I've always done murals and faux finishes for myself, friends and family, infact when I worked in the paint department at Home Depot I taught the how to faux workshops they used to put on.
Portrait commissions are great, and fine art is wonderful, super wonderful, but I need to pay the bills, and I'd need a lot more commissions and sales to do that. So I add another arrow to my quiver, with another to come.
My DH retires in a couple of years, I want to get established now so that he can retire, and still live in the manner to which he/we have become accustomed.
I've purchased a domain name, and am working on building a portal site that will take you to my various blog pages, I think that's actually called a front page? In my arrogance, I thought that because I've got the blog thing figured out - mostly- I'd be able to whip up a web site on a site builder template... insert hysterical laughter... I was wrong, so it'll be a while until it's live, but I'll get there.
The bottom line is I WILL NOT go back to retail I've never been so miserable in my entire life as I was working at 'the store'.
Paint is the worlds best anti-depressant, and I intend to paint the world into a happier place, one wall, one canvas at a time.

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