Saturday, September 4, 2010

Portrait in Charcoal, a couple and their Rottie

The Portrait is progressing, I want to have it done this week.

I know that the client doesn't need it until Christmas, but I said I'd have it done by now, and I really hate missing deadlines, even if they're self imposed.

I've been spending hours on this Business Plan that I have to have done by Oct 4th. We've been told that our plans should be between 30-50 pages, I'm at page 10.

If it was just wordsmithing I'd be fine...

It's all of the research that takes the time, and makes me want to tear out my hair. You have to have facts and figures to back up everything you say, and yet, so much of what I want to do defies quantification.

The stuff for the mural/faux side of the business, thank goodness, is a bit easier to define. The portrait and teaching sides a bit more difficult, the fine art side....anybody's guess. Collectors come from every walk of life, education and economic level. How do you define that in a nice neat equation?

Maybe I'm taking this too seriously? Maybe that's what I have to do, take a best guess using the facts and figures I've been able to gather. ~sigh~

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