Friday, September 10, 2010

Birth of a website

Have you ever made something way more complicated than it should have been?
Well I certainly did.
I purchased website hosting after perusing through several options. The provider is Costco, so the trust factor was very high when they said 'easy to use, your website can be ready in an hour' I've gotten to know my way around blog building, have learned a bit of hard could it be?
They helpfully supply how to video's, with step by step instructions. I spent hours watching the video's and trying to follow along...hours.
And... was totally stymied.
I'm stubborn, and I was not going to let this thing defeat me! So....more hours.
Finally I cried Uncle, and called a friend who does this kind of thing. She came over and said... well there are templates with place holder text, you should be able to just delete their text and replace it with yours, same with the photo's.
I tried it, it worked. Elapsed time... about 2 minutes. So much for the helpful video's.
It took me a bit longer than their hour to build it, but not much, and there are still a few links that I'm not ready to make live, but here it is, let me know what you think

Oh, and the portrait has passed inspection, yay! and is being framed. Next up, a commission to paint humming birds and trumpet vine on a wooden mailbox.

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