Saturday, September 25, 2010

rain at the IPM

I had and Epiphany this week. I've been slogging my way through this business plan that I have to have done by Oct 4, and not really happy about some of what I felt I had to put into it. My 'income streams' are 1-Murals and Faux finishes, 2- teaching, and 3- portraits, 4 is the secret (soon-soon, the papers are at the lawyers, then we can make our announcement!!!!) with 5 being licensing, AKA a Zazzle store (print on demand, very cool)

Number four has all of us wound, but the rest was not making me particularly happy. I put the murals in because it was strongly suggested that I should, so I was focusing most of my energy on enhancing that part of the B.P. because I felt I 'had to'.

Then came the moment of realization... other than good 'ol number four (I sooooo can't wait to tell you) the thing that has me the most jazzed with this whole biz plan thingy, is the teaching. Specifically something I'm calling pARTy's - yes I know it's and ie, not a y's, but bear with me.

So someone ask... what's a pARTy?....

A pARTy is when you invite a bunch of friends over. They all bring some ink jet photo's and a few things that are related to the photo's like- wedding pic's and dried flowers from the wedding, and an invitation... etc

I bring the art supplies and we play. There would be a smallish fee per person, and everyone would go home with a very personal and special piece of art. Way more fun than a Tupperware party!

Now if I can just make it work!

psag at the international plowing match 2010
psag at the ipm 2010


  1. That sounds like fun!! I want to go to a pARTy! :)

  2. I've had a few 'private' students that I've done this with, and I've been booked to do a couple of workshops based on how much fun we had. So... I've got my fingers crossed in hopes that it works as well in a group, I'm thinking it should be even MORE fun!


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