Saturday, October 9, 2010

pARTy preparations

mixed media altered image, Min and Tim's big trip
The last two weeks have been crazy, and we're just hours away from our big announcement. Vivian, Sandy, and I have spent hours prepping our......secret......after many many revisions for lawyers, bankers and others I think, we're just about ready. Between my own business plan, and the .....secret... I think that the computer chair has become attached to my bottom!
mixed media altered image Manitoulin Memories

I have done a few demo boards for my pARTy's, I have a couple booked in St Thomas next week, and one in Strathroy, so I really want/need to have everything ready for them, I also want to have postcard invitations made to advertise the pARTy's, and I need the demo boards to photograph to use on them.

As I do each one I pretend I'm teaching a pARTy, and I talk my way through it, clarifying my thoughts and simplifying my techniques as I do so...if hubby didn't think I was a bit nuts before, lets just say I hid the butterfly nets lol.

mixed media altered image autumn

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