Monday, December 27, 2010

3 New paintings, cardinal, daisy, and sunrise

Sunrise painting

I hope your Holy day was wonderful, full of family and good times.
Looking forward, lets all pray for a 2011 that see's a healing of the world. I wish for all, peace, understanding, and freedom from want for the new year.
Last month, I set for myself a goal to complete 2 small works each week, and despite flues, snows and holy days I've accomplished that. So now I'm going to increase that goal to 1 small plus 1 medium sized painting each week, or 1 large.
February is going to be a nutty month, with shows galore, Portside and Art Exchange both have their Miniature Shows, Art Gallery of Lambeth has a Paint the Town Red Show, all of which I need work for, and I have a solo show at One London Place. So I have to meet or exceed my painting goals or I'm gonna be S.O.L.

Daisy painting

I've got lots of paintings stacked up, the problem is that my style has been evolving at such a breakneck speed over the last year, that a lot of the older work is not relevant (to me) anymore. So, I would like to have all new work for all of these shows. Impossible? I choose to believe it's not, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.....

Cardinal painting

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