Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunflowers, and milkweed

Happy New Year.....where did the old one go???
It certainly was an eventful year, lots of wonderful stuff happened, and a little bit of not so.
Personally the year that was, was mostly great, new grand babies, new galleries etc.
But the rest of the world still seems to be a wee bit crazy.
I don't want to dwell on the the stupid evil people in our world but it bears mentioning that Haiti is still quite literally a disaster area, all the money we gave is still sitting in off shore accounts waiting for the politicos to get their act together, while the people deal with no food or clean water and live in the rubble.
sunflower painting

I wish there was a easy answer, I hate that some people use situations like this to gain power for them selves. It seems that the only aid really getting through is through organizations like 'save the children' but that's focused mostly on orphans, who ironically are the lucky ones.
We are so fortunate to live where we do, to have opportunities, medical care, and this lifestyle. Give thanks.
This weeks paintings are of a sunflower, and a swamp milkweed. The sunflower is of one that the chipmunks planted in my garden last summer.
I feed black oil sunflower seed all year round. All birds love it, the finches often take it over Niger seed, and the chippies love it too.
I'm not so thrilled with the regular squirrels filling up on it, but those funny little ground squirrels are always welcome, and they usually thank me by planting sunflowers all over the garden.
The swamp milkweed is one I grew from seed I started last February. Funny thing, I waited and waited for them to germinate and finally in May gave up and tossed the soil I was starting them in into the garden, where they grew! The Monarchs loved them, and the blooms are so fragrant they bowl you over. Unlike wild milkweed the swamp milkweed or tuberose isn't invasive, you really should grow some!

swamp milkweed painting

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