Sunday, January 9, 2011

I never know what to title these things!

Yep, that's a cop out title. All the web marketing types talk about how important a good title is, but man o' man I have trouble coming up with something riveting! A cousin of mine just titles hers art for arts sake, and is done with it. I may steal your idea Deb :)

A week or so I 'came out' with my goal to do two pieces each week, and wouldn't you know that the art isn't co-operating. The first piece is I think, done, I actually painted a rose to collage onto it, but I like it so much just the way it is, that I haven't put it on.

The second one, is making me crazy, my idea for it just won't gel into something that works, again I've painted collage pieces for it, but nothing is working, so my salute to Botticelli's Venus sits, waiting for completion ( The birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli is one of my favorite works of all time). Since I promised you two, here they are, even if one is just a w.i.p.

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