Monday, January 17, 2011

Mini paintings for Portside

February is Miniature Month at Portside Gallery and the Art Exchange, so I've been busy getting little guys done. These three are 4x4 which is the maximum size allowed. I don't think I'll frame them, just present them gallery style, I like them neck-ed so to speak, although some times I think they sell better if they're framed, sigh.

The Tiger Swallowtail is pictured with his host plant, the tulip poplar, and the Pearl Crescent is with hers, the aster. The poppy on the other hand is just for fun, a.k.a. I loved the photo.

You know of course I'm taking advantage of all of you kind people out there in internet land. By outing my production goal to you kind folks, I'm compelled to meet it. Maybe I should do the same for my marketing goals, marketing being a necessary evil that I love to hate!

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