Friday, February 4, 2011

4 shows one week

bouquet for the admiral

Are you ready to party!?
Our gallery the Art Gallery of Lambeth just opened our 'Red Show', Tomorrow Saturday Feb 5, 2-4 is the opening (art speak for party) for the Amabile fund raiser Art Show at Masonville Library. Sunday is the opening at Portside in Port Stanley for their Miniature show, 1-4, and yesterday I hung my solo show at One London Place. All of these shows are hanging for the whole month. I've been crazy the last few weeks trying to get work ready for all of these, this painting didn't quite make it in. 'Technical difficulties' so to speak, all is well now though.
The butterflies in this work are Red Admirals, the bouquet includes their host plant nettles, yup the stinging kind, as well as horse nettles. We might hate them, but the Admirals literally can't live without them. If you have a corner of the yard where you can let the nettles grow, the Admirals will thank you, as will several other members of the brush foot family.

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