Saturday, February 12, 2011

Looking for a Bumble Bee, Subtle Beauty

The first painting for this week 'Subtle Beauty' celebrates the 'Common Wood Nymph'. These little brown butterflies have bands of gold surrounding the 'eye spots' on their wings that catch the light and transform a plain Jane into Cinderella. Though called common, they aren't so common anymore. The Caterpillar host plants are grasses, in our manicured pest controlled world that's a bad place to be a bug.

common wood nymph

The second painting is called 'Looking for a Bumble Bee'. One of my favorite native plants, columbine has very long nectar tubes that have evolved especially for long tongued pollinators bumble bees, hummingbirds, and hawk moths. Nature is fascinating!

columbine flower

Classes are getting going again after a hiatus in January. I have a kids 6-12 class going at the Art Gallery of Lambeth on Thursday nights, and Catherine and I have a March break kids class we're accepting registration for. All of the details are on my website along with details of other classes I'm offering.

I've got to get my minis done for the March Miniature Madness show at the AGL, so back to the studio I go, talk soon!

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