Sunday, March 27, 2011


Life slowly returns to normal, a new version of normal, one that I wish I didn't have to get used to. Little things set me off, set us all off, so you cry a bit, then wash your face and get on with life. Every where I see signs of spring, of new life. Yesterday coming home tundra swans kept pace with me as they flew along side Highway 74. Birds of all kinds are returning, robins, redwing blackbirds, grackles, and the gold finch are turning yellow again. It's spring. Snow drops and crocus bloom and bring a bit of light into my darkness. I know Mom didn't want us to be sad, but when the woman who carried you under her heart goes, a piece of your heart goes too. There is solace in work, in creating, and of course being in the S.E.B. I have to set and reach production goals, which have sorta gone kerpluey the last few weeks. I know you understand why, I'm not sure 'they' will though, and I'm not sure I care if they don't. Having said that I am back working, I'm helping Dad with the 'aftermath' so I'm not back to full hours yet, but close. These pins and pendants are something that don't take a lot of thought, which makes them a perfect project for the now. My friend Catherine Craig lets me make the blanks in her clay studio, I then embellish and finish them with metallics. Forgive my poor photography, the colours are actually quite rich.

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