Sunday, April 3, 2011

Of Chips and Old Blocks

a chip off the old block

One of my great joys is/are my granddaughters. The eldest has just turned two, and when she comes to grandma's house she makes a bee line to my studio, hauls out the crayons and paper and happily draws and colours. It's not uncommon for her to spend an hour or more standing on her chair softly muttering 'wow, wow', as the colours appear at the end of her crayons and pencils. Although he is a maker, my son isn't an artist in the conventional sense, so it's really a joy for me to have passed on to someone the 'wow' I feel when I put paint to support.

I get the same satisfaction to a large degree from my students, making art should always feel,

copper milkweed painting

This weeks piece is a large(44x30) monochromatic experimental piece, I'm really loving bringing subtle textures to life. There are 9 layers of different coloured glaze on this piece, the photo's can only capture a bit of that unfortunately.

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