Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fund Raiser for Canadian Red Cross disaster relief

I spent the weekend getting the details together for a fundraiser that has been in my mind.
It seems that the international disasters have been getting lots of press, but our own Canadian disasters, Slave Lake wildfire, the Richelieu Valley flood, and floods in several parts of the West, are barely a blip on the news. Consequently fund raising to help our own is way down.
I'm hoping to help a little by having a fundraiser, details here, June 18th, 1-4 pm, in my garden.
The model I'm using for this fundraiser is an expansion on the template I use for my pARTys, which are a blast, whether you are an artist or not. These events are designed for all ages and skill levels.
Space is limited so please contact me asap to reserve a space for yourself.

Have you ever had the germ of an idea for a painting handed to you? I was having my morning coffee in my garden the other day, when I heard a rustling behind me. I turned and was delighted to see an Baltimore Oriole stripping the outer layer off last years milkweed-which I still hadn't had time to cut back- for nesting material.
Have you ever seen an oriole's nest? They're a marvel of construction, from the ground it looks like either a hornets nest or a bagworm's nest, and is woven out of strips of fiber...like the outer layer of the milkweed plant. The bag like nest, hangs from the branch, usually quite high in the tree. Our oriole has nested in my neighbours maple tree for many years, last year that tree was taken down, so I was delighted to see our colourful feathered friends back this year, although I haven't figured out yet where the nest is this year.
Perhaps when you come to the fundraiser you'll have a chance to see if you can find it!

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