Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My favorite word

I was getting panicky, I couldn't log in to blogger for a few days, I hope I've overcome what ever the problem was...very weird, and I didn't like being cut off from the 'world'. It made me reflect on how much the world has changed due to the web.
At the gallery our web access was lost for a bit, scary how much we relied on it, I couldn't do the marketing for the gallery, we couldn't send each other info, or access info accept via our phones.
The web has become a vehicle for change I've read that the revolt going on in the Middle East, has been attributed to the info accessed by people on the web. Suddenly a whole people found out just how repressed they have been by their leaders.
I wonder if 'they' had any idea of what they were unleashing when 'they' let the web 'out' into the world.
I believe the world needs to change, that interconnectedness is a good thing, yes evil has also found the web, but just as in human nature, the majority is/are good, even better than good...wonderful. Strange that the argument might be that the web has actually made the human family more connected, while we worry that it disconnects people from one on one, face to face contact.
During my webless time I was working on the art journal that was passed to me by my friends Candy McMannaman and Roxanne Jervis, we've been doing the pass the journal thing in the Port Stanley Artists' Guild. The three of us, Candy, Roxanne and I are bud's anyway so it seemed natural that that's where one journal would start. It's very interesting to see inside the mind of someone you think you know well, all of us have added both words and 'pictures', it's a lot of fun, and more than a little revealing.
During the process I find myself attracted to one word over and over, one I hope to exude and project...JOY...
Linguists theorize that the simpler the word structure the older the word is in our language.
JOY, using that hypothesis, Joy is an ancient word, a powerful word, a concept to be reckoned with.
I feel JOY that we are connected, whether via the web, or face to face, hug to hug, I wish you JOY. Lets change the world!

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