Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Butterflies everywhere butterflies

Many of you know that my property is registered with the Canadian Wildlife Federation's habitat program. This year has been our best year for 'critter spotting', and many of our visitors are of the flutter by sort, like this red spotted
purple butterfly, who kept me company as
I hung my laundry last week.painting 'once upon a time', red spotted purple butterfly

I've been spending a lot of time lately stalking butterflies with my camera, I've also been gifted with the opportunity to 'shoot' several of our birds eating the seed of some of my so called (by my crabby neighbour) weeds. All of which is food for the muses.

painting triptych 'Ode to a Rose' Lillian Austin rose

I've been very remiss with my newsletter this summer, partially because of a chaotic personal life, and partially because I'm still waiting for word from the Woodstock Gallery. The date to pick up rejected works has come and past... so does that mean both of my pieces got in? This is the third year I've submitted, third time the charm? or have I just missed an e:mail. I think I better contact them today and find out.

The Elgin Studio Tour is coming together nicely watch the blog/website I put together for it for developing details.

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