Sunday, August 7, 2011

Elgin Studio Tour

I've spent a lot of my precious painting time this week working on the Elgin Studio Tour.
Things are steaming ahead, we have artists coming on board, and sponsors committing to ads on our map. As it says on the blog-website I started for it our intention is to showcase the artists, attractions and beauty of this area. We still have room for a couple of artists and a few more sponsors. Contact me if you want in.
I did manage to finish two paintings-one's a triptych, does that really make 4? Both had been started the week before, and both are still drying. As soon as I can put them up to be photographed I'll show them to you.
I have my fingers crossed, the acceptance/rejections should come out for the Woodstock show this coming week. I've submitted twice before, I'm hoping that this time is the charm. I took in the Oriole painting and Attila the Hum's portrait. Wish me luck.

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