Saturday, October 29, 2011

And the seasons change

O.K. so we're well past the equinox, it's actually the gardening season I'm referring to.
We put the ponds to bed today, put away the patio furniture stacked firewood, disconnected the hose, all the stuff you do when winter is just around the corner. Boo Hoo.
We're a bit late for some on that, the ponds usually get put to bed just after Thanksgiving. Unfortunately a couple of my fish paid the price of my tardiness. As their metabolism slows they become vulnerable to the big pump. I feel awful when that happens, I know it's my fault, if I had just pulled the pump a couple of weeks ago... poor things, I know there are lots, but still, poor things.
Poor painting, I've just gesso'd over the painting I've been working on for the last two weeks. Don't feel too sorry for it though, most of my best works are one's I've gesso'd over, sometimes a few times. When it's just not working, starting over frees me to rethink, and redefine. The original painting is still faintly visible, and creates a richer look for the multi layered affect I strive for.
I'll leave it for a few days, then go back to it with (I hope) fresher eyes.

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