Monday, October 24, 2011

For years I've faithfully kept this blog, but the last seven months I'm afraid it's been rather hit and miss. Sure I've got lots of excuses, it's been a truly hellacious time, (and I still don't know what's gonna happen in Dec when hubby's job is done,) but I do think it's time for me to get back to regular posting, and back to production goals, 'cause I've let that slid too.
So Blog Buddies, I'm committing myself here, back to art, back to communication, back on track.
I have been working on a couple of pieces in the studio. The STEPAC 'Identity transfer' juried show is coming up fast, and I've taken up the challenge, creating a work that speaks to my identity, not a self portrait. I'm liking my idea, but my time is fast running out.
One good thing about the mess in Lambeth, I'm not going there two days each week, so I have more time for making art.
re:Lambeth, there are rumors, about which I will only say this, most of them are grossly inaccurate.
Sandy, June Anne and I have, over the last several years, devoted much time to the promotion of art and artists in this area. Between the six of us (who left Lambeth), we represent just about every guild and association in the area, and we've been on the executive of most. You know us, and our characters. Rumors are very destructive. If you hear something that just doesn't sound like us, use your good judgement before you pass it on.
We did not make our decision to leave lightly, there were very good reasons, and no, I'm not going into details.

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