Saturday, December 10, 2011

Holiday Painting Challenge # 3- Joy

The challenge word from Creative Catalyst this week was Joy, I actually was able to do most of this painting on Wednesday, though I've been 'fiddling' with it since to make sure it's just right. At one point I did a lot of portraiture, and it felt good doing it again.
For me Joy is spending time with the people I care about, family and friends really are what it's all about, in my opinion. Having said that, I do have favorites, and no joy is purer than the one brought by my two beautiful grand daughters and their hugs and kisses.

While reading my Professional Artist Magazine this month (favorite art mag) I read Dr. Eric Maisel's article about productive obsessions which really resonated with me. He started by explaining how obsessions are not necessarily negative, "psychology has missed the fact that the brain's ability to obsess can also amount to a real treasure. The brain can productively obsess - and it really wants to. People are happier and more efficient when they productively obsess." Wow "...find yourself trapped in trivialities condemned to impulsiveness, led around by anxiety, and duller and sadder than you need to be. Productively obsessing is an antidote to all that." VERY true "...your brain is an engine meant to perform in that higher gear, it has been waiting for this.."

Do yourself a favor and read the whole article . As I've been known to blather on about, I firmly believe that people NEED to create, and that suppressing, that creative impulse lets to all kinds of trouble, whereas honouring it leads to great JOY.

I must apologize to my newsletter subscribers, the December issue is late, I've been monkeying around with mail chimp, trying to learn the nuances.

The December issue will be the last one sent out by my website, I've not been happy with the newsletter template my website provides. Not only is it cumbersome but there have been several delivery issues, so I'm planning to change over. If you'd like to be on my newsletter list you can subscribe here.

I send it out monthly, it contains area art news, tid bits, and recipes, and judging by the feedback, those who get it, when they get it, enjoy it.

The new service will hopefully mean that it arrives, on time, legible, and once not in duplicate or triplicate. Sign up, and wish me luck :)

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