Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Painting Challenge #4 Love

Crazy week, means I'm only now getting my painting of the week done. It's been a good crazy, with lots of good stuff happening.
The Art Emporium, Boathouse Gallery is now full, and has a waiting list.
We're still taking submissions for the Gift Boutique, we want to carry all kinds of quality, hand crafted goods by regional artisans there. We can hardly wait for February! You'll be getting regular updates, as time gets closer, and an invitation when we open, it's gonna be awesome!
I also went to an 'Arts Country' meeting, and found out that they used my art for the print ads, cool! AND my painting 'True to Type - Portrait of a Printers Daughter' was accepted in the STEPAC juried 'Identity Transfer' show, I haven't received my invitations to hand out yet, but my friend Candy tells me that they show her submission and mine, it's just amazing, how things all happen at once, just amazing!
Back to the painting... I haven't quite decided what to call it, but it's based on the double wedding ring quilt pattern, and has a free association poem running through it.
'Love is an old dog, young child, new bride, old couple, constant, enduring, rough or smooth, always changing. Love stands the test of time, forever, eternity, steadfast, handfasted, whole hearted, healing and heart rending. Love is holding a grand child for the first time, a parent for the last time, and a heart for all time, watching the years fly by, and the days trickle down, until we are all dust together, and start again. '

Have a Merry Christmas, one full of love.

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