Thursday, January 12, 2012

Identity Transfer and Newsletters

I must be having too much fun, time seems to be going faster and faster. The identity transfer show opening is here did that happen??
Actually the show is already up, and hangs until March 3rd, the opening reception is Saturday 2-4. There's a pretty stellar cast of artist's showing...and me lol.

I've been migrating my newsletter to mailchimp and apparently I confused many people with my request for a confirmation of permission. One of the problems with the old newsletter template is that you can't reply to it, which several people tried to do and of course it bounced. I put please reply in the subject line, and then the e:mail address with the instructions and explanation in the body, which caused all kinds of confusion. I'm very sorry. If you got one of those annoying 'no response' responses please either use this form:

Subscribe to our mailing list

Or if your reading this on facebook it probably won't work, in which case, e:mail me at

and I can put you on the new list. Again sorry about the confusion.

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