Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mini Shows, Mini Works

cardinal painting spring dawn

February is Mini Show time, and there are a bunch of them out there. The only one I'm planning on entering this year is the one at Portside. A gal could go nuts trying to do 'em all! This little piece is call 'Spring Dawn' and is only 2.5 inches by 3, on terra skin.
I have a connected arts piece to do asap too... I plan to do it before we get the gallery building on February 1, we're gonna be VERY busy getting everything ready so we can open on March 1st, which won't leave a lot of time for painting.
What's connected arts? Glad you asked!

Phillip Schmidt is an amazing explorer/photographer. His photographic work of out of the way, and largely unseen places is breathtaking. He has for several years been putting on a showcase that he calls the 'Connected Arts' where he challenges artists of several disciplines including visual, musical, and literary arts, to interpret one of his photos. His vision being that all of the arts spring from the same well, and are therefore gifts connected in ways most of us don't appreciate. He's working to correct that.

Landscape is not my Forte, and I hope I'm up to the challenge. It's an honor to be asked to participate and I'm certainly going to try.

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