Sunday, June 17, 2012

Finally some rain, invisable drought

mixed media collage, Eden I have my windows open so that I can hear the birds and frogs celebrating the rain. In the year of the 'invisible drought'. We've been getting just enough rain to keep things alive, but not enough to help them grow. Sigh, my veggie garden is just about a bust,
can-watering from the almost empty rain barrels isn't doing the trick.

The Art Exchange in Wortley Village is doing a square foot show, I wasn't going to enter any work, my excuse... time, as in I don't have any, but Candy talked me into it...she does that a lot it seems lol.

This piece is a bit of an experiment, and I'm not sure that I'm that happy with it. I'll bust my buns to get a different one ready for the end of the week, but for now this is my offering.

Once again I must apologize for bad photography, I had a hard time taking a picture that didn't have that mother of pearl glaze, but...

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