Friday, June 8, 2012

Opening night Port Stanley Guild show

Beautiful show, over and over, that's what we've been hearing, just beautiful.

It's our 22nd annual show and there is some astonishing art. Since so many of us have 'been around', and therefore have had time to grow our art skills, the show just keeps getting better, as we do.

This is a very bad photo (forgot to take it until the painting was in a crystal clear bag) of a (if I may say so) magical piece, that is at the show.

I've gotten several compliments on it from my peers. This is the direction I'm going, less representational, more atmospheric. I've wanted to take this step the last couple of paintings, but leaping from the ledge is a bit scary, however as I was completely dis satisfied with my work, I had to take the step. I learned years ago, when nothing I'm doing seems to be 'right' it usually means I'm about to 'grow', so leap, I did.

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