Sunday, September 22, 2013

The approach of Autumn

Autumn is in the air, I've just finished bringing my house plants in, well into the enclosed back porch, that's as far as they're coming tonight.  In the spring they 'harden off' in there for a week or so before they go out, in the fall, the process is reversed.
The last of the tomatoes have been picked, and the fish in the small pond, has been transferred to the large one, next will be the Autumn clean up...but not just yet.
Like most, I've been  hoping for just a bit more summer, I've been diligently capturing the last hurrah of my garden both on film, for reference, and with my brush.

These paintings will be headed to the Art Emporium/Boathouse Gallery.

The first one is 'Heart Wide open', the chippies planted tons of sunflowers, as they do every year, this one was heart shaped. I think someone had a nibble when it was just a bud, happy accident :)
And this is of course, purple coneflowers,  still trying to figure a few things out with this little netbook (desktop toast), apologies for the uncropped, and slightly over exposed pics...


For those who've asked, the reno is finally done, and no one committed homicide. A MIRACLE!  

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