Saturday, October 5, 2013

More Colours of Summer

 Colours of Summer #7 isn't telling me it's name, this is actually the third over painting of this one, it's being difficult.

What do you think I should call it?
 The colours are just a bit muted here, the butterfly is an orange sulphur, and the asters purple, I never know if it's the monitor, or me that's a bit

This second painting is one I started when we were at Restoule this summer, it's actually been done for a while, and it's been at the gallery, I just kept forgetting to photograph it. While landscape isn't really my 'thing' this scene begged to be painted, and I obliged.   I've been working to get some work ready for the St Thomas 'Art Before Christmas Show and Sale' which is early November, and fast coming up!

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