Saturday, November 15, 2014

I Love Sumac

I've loved sumac since I was a kid.
 I love their umbrella shape, and how their clumping behavior, creates great hiding spots for small creatures .
Especially, I love their autumn colour. 
This is a favorite clump, growing at Yarmouth Center Line and John Wise. I pass it on my way to the Art Emporium, and admire it every time. 
The painting is 16x16,

But I'm toying with cropping it to a more traditional  16x12, what do you think?

painting sumac Robin Baratta artist
I Love Sumac, glazed acrylic on terraskin mounted on cradled board, 
Update, this is the one I selected.  contact

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  1. Jerry Says "If it doesn't add to the panting, it takes away" so he likes the smaller size. Me too. Love the painting, all the lovely texture.


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