Monday, November 10, 2014

The Morning After

Another STEAG art show has come and gone. 
Every year the art gets better and better. Our membership now includes some very talented new comers, as well as many of the pillars of our local arts community.
One of the talented new comers is Catherine McCoy, her art was chosen for the poster, she got the patrons choice award, and she was the highest seller.
Way to go Cath!
This is all especially impressive concidering that she's only been painting a few years, and just a few months ago she came to me ready to quit. A cruel person had verbally torn her work to shreds in the guise of a 'critique'. We'll never know the motivation of that person, but Catherine deserves an extra pat on the back for not just shaking off her negativity, but for using it as fuel to rise to a new height. Bravo!
BTW I won another judges choice too. 

Catherine McCoy, mixed media, winner of STEAG Patrons Choice award

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