Saturday, July 11, 2015


The weekends I have my grand kids I often don't get to post, they take priority. We wore them out yesterday and they're still sleeping so I have a few minutes to spend with you.
A close friend recently posted on her facebook wall that she would no longer be sharing all of the 'scare posts' about the apocalypse of the day. Instead she was picking one cause, it didn't mean that she didn't care about the others, just that she was setting her priorities.
A common theme in art business advice columns is to find a style and subject matter and stick to it, make it your priority. Multi arting, like multi tasking, doesn't work for most of us, according to the 'experts'.
What a loaded word.
For the last 15 or so years I've had the thread of an environmental message running through my work. My focus has shifted and become less specific, currently habitat loss is my inspiration .
I think with maturity I've realised that one priority can be applied to all of the things that concern me, it doesn't mean I'm less dedicated, I've just distilled my focus to the one common link that all of my concerns share.
What about you, do you have one over riding priority that motivates your behaviour?
Set aside some time this summer to think about the things/people/causes that mean the most to you, define your concerns, hone your focus.
How do you express it?
What actions are you able to take, small things do count.
If you pick up a few pieces of garbage every time you go for a walk, if you inspire someone else  to do the same. and they inspire someone.... it does't take much to start a grass roots movement.
As long as at lest one person makes it a priority.  

painting, Ontario country roads, Elgin County roads, Canadian Art, Robin Baratta
Just Down The Road #6, Helkmara Line, Glazed Acrylic, 12x12, Robin Baratta, $180.00 contact for info

The Lorax, Dr Suess
The Lorax, one of my favourite books, by one of my favourite Authors, the very wise Dr. Suess 

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