Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Don't wait

There was a bucolic rural scene, complete with a sagging out building that I've been meaning to take a picture of for ages. The shed is gone, the picture never taken.
 We all do it, I'll wait until ...... before I do..... 
Customers in the gallery frequently say 'when I retire I'm going to learn to paint'. They say that they have a cache of art supplies, all waiting until....
I was in the periphery of that group, I said when the kids were bigger, I'd get serious about my art again.
It took a brush with mortality to focus me and get me started. 
The problem with amorphic deadlines is that with out a clear plan most of our dreams stay just that, dreams.
What are you going to do one day?
The time is going to pass, God willing you'll live each of those days anyway, why not live them working toward your dreams?  
So today, take a few minutes write down your dreams, be it a bucket list, a life style shift (for me art is a lifestyle) something you want to learn, or accomplish, write it down. 
Keep adding to your list, dreaming should be a life long activity. Don't be afraid to dream big. 
Mull over the list and pick one to work on, next week we'll talk about where to go from there.
Algonquin Provincial Park, Lookout Trail
Hubby and the Grands, dreaming big

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