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Newsletter July, August 2019

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What's On My Easel This Month?

Almost Done, Memories Of Chester

Chester Anderson was the guy who introduced me to both the Dorchester Artist's Network, and to Port Stanley Artists Guild, he had a profound influence on me that you can read about here. After his recent funeral I went back to a few of the places we had both painted and did some sketching, this is the result of one of those sketches.  It's not quite done, it's given me a bit of a hard time, kind of like Chester himself, lol, but it's a whisper away from finished.
What makes this especially poignant, is that the centuries old maple in my painting has fallen over in the ensuing weeks, another fallen giant.

On a cheerier note I've had a successful run at the Westland Square Foot Show, Antler River Spring, and Mow Lines have both found new homes, and the show's not over until Aug 9th, so if you get a chance get to Wortley Village and see the show. Don's Dang Hill is still there,
it would be nice to have it find a home too. Thank you Westland.

Sumac Lace #3 has also found a new home, thank you Art Emporium.

This month I have submissions to make to both St Thomas Elgin Public Art Center (STEPAC), and Art With Panache in London. Chester will be going to London and Where The Road Dips will go to ST Thomas.

Also on the easel -I work on a couple of paintings at once, drying time being what it is-
sketches transferred to terraskin, and Plein Aire initial sketches. add to my tally, Going Down The Line


Solo Show Count Down 

Weeks to self imposed deadline 21, Weeks to opening 33,

Works completed 11, Works needed minimum 15-20 (more if smallish)

Back to work for this girl!!!

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What's on my easel this month...

Barely begun, I've just started to build sculptured layers on this one. The sketch is one of an old disused farm lane, that I've painted several times  Each time it's told me a different tale, and each painting is completely different from the others.  I often make the human habitats inconsequential to the land it's self, and the ruined farm house this lane leads to re enforces the feeling I'm striving for, which is why I think I find this scene so appealing.  

I also have a start on a larger and very different view of the same lane. Funnily enough when I was choosing a sketch to work up it didn't even register that I was choosing the same lane from a different perspective!  

News, News, News

All three of my submissions for the Westland Square Foot Show were accepted.
  Don's Dang Hill, $190.00, I think I told you how within two weeks on me completing the sketch for this, the county filled in the hollow... disappearing landscapes my friend, disappear.
Mow Lines, $190.00, it's haying season!
Antler River Spring. $190.00 Delaware after the spring floods.

And here's the info...

Also you'll be happy to know that Elgin Panorama, Skyward, and Tropical Vacation have all found new homes, thank you Art Emporium.

Disappearing Landscapes Solo Show count down...
Goal 12-15 paintings, Finished 9, time till self imposed deadline 25 weeks, time till opening 42 weeks

Recently finished:

Rural Geometry, 12x16.  Early summer along Carriage Road, the land is flat as a pancake in this stretch, and the farrows created perfect geometry.  Now just a few weeks later corn has popped up, creating a totally different look to the fields.
Along Carriage Road 12x16. the other end of Carriage Road is completely different, Delaware Creek has carved the land.  It's just a trickle now, but the story is told in  undulating land of a much mightier stream in times long past.  I've added another couple of glazes to this one since I took this photo, I'm allowed...

Truman and Highbury, this one might still get a few glaze layers.  I keep coming back to it.  We'll see.

Time for me to get back to work!!!   See you at the Westland Show.

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