Tuesday, September 10, 2019

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What's On My Easel?

Working titles are Hamilton Road Pump House, and Corn As High As An Elephant's Eye.
The sketches have been transferred, now it's time for the work to begin, the barely begun sky is for another that I'm still developing a sketch for.

So what's going on in my life...
 Along Carriage Road  was accepted into the STEPAC In View Of The Artist Show, opening Saturday September 28, 1-3. I'm in some pretty prestigious company with this one!

I also have a much revised version of Don's Dang Hill,
and new this month Morganstern Line, both 12x2 going into the Art With Panache Square Show. opening September 19th.
Where The Road Dips,and Memories Of Summer both found new homes this month. Fortunately for me the collector who has purchased both Where The Road Dips, and Elgin Panorama, has promised to let me borrow back the works for my Solo at STEPAC, opening May 2 to June 13 and of course I'm working furiously on new work for it .
 Corn and Beans, 12x16 is another addition to the collection, with a larger version of Morganstern Line (Memories of Chester) also almost completed that makes my countdown...

Weeks to solo 30, weeks to self imposed deadline 17
works completed 13 of 15-20!

Since a lot of the work is on the smaller side, lets just say...


13 of 20 completed.

See ya next month


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