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What's On Robin's Easel This Month?

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Pastoral, Early Stages

This is going to be a 24x30, which is just about as big a painting as I can comfortably do in my tiny studio.  Once upon a time I did a lot of animal paintings, wildlife, dog and cat portraits, even a bull once, but that was in a much more traditional style, so this is both a trip in the way back machine, and a stretch outside of my comfort zone. I'm on day three of building the relief image, and then I have to give it time to dry completely before I start to glaze.  It's a process. 
I promised you show news, yes there are a couple coming up for all of us art show starved folk! I have three going into the Westland Square Foot Show...
Yorke Line                             Spring Runoff                    Rill

all 12x12, glazed acrylic, on wooden cradled panel. That show opens Wednesday, November 18th and runs until Dec 24th, you'll need to make an appointment to see the work, and it'll be online too.

Also I have work going into the St Thomas Elgin Public Art Centre's Mini show November 14- Dec 19 at STEPAC  
301 Talbot St St Thomas

Spring Bouquet                    Take The Long View          On The Fence
all 4x4, on cradled wooden panel 
I seem to be into squares this month! also just finished is... 

Along Old Vic. 16x16, glazed acrylic on cradled wooden panel, CDN $295.00 buy now

Old Vic (Old Victoria Rd S) is one of those forgotten rural roads, mostly used by farm equipment.  Home to falling down barns, homesteads and gently rolling landscapes, the patterns of the land speak to me of things past. GPS 42°53'35.0"N 81°07'40.6"W

Stay Safe, Stay Happy
Until next month

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