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December 2020 Newsletter


What's On Robin's Easel This Month?

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Problem Child


Some births are easy...
Some just don't wanna...

Pastoral  has been taking waaay too much time and brain power. I think maybe I finally have it, it's sitting in a quite corner thinking about it's behaviour, then we'll see if we agree that it's ready to go out into the world.  The cow's started out as Holsteins, but I just couldn't get mostly white cattle to work in a high Chroma  painting, so now they're Angus. They 'fit' much better, but that change brings it's own challenges, I didn't want black holes, they had to still be cows.  

Fortunately all of the other 'births' this month have been easy.

Kettle Valley 12x16, glazed acrylic, $240.00 Buy now

We walk with our extra large pup, along the Kettle Creek almost daily, unless there's a monsoon and the valley becomes a lake. This is the view from the crest of the hill, just before the trail head. It's our happy place.

You may remember me saying that I was planning on doing several smaller works, potentially for both the STEPAC gift shop, and the Art Emporium?  Here are a few that are finished, and there are more on my easel!

Stalking the Marsh, 4x4, glazed acrylic, $60.00 buy now

The  coastal salt marsh of the South Carolina Low Country, is the birth place of much of the ocean's life. It's also home to many who feed on the creatures that are born, and live there. The magnificent herons, and their kin, are a constant presence-stalking the marsh.

Junction, 6x6, glazed acrylic, $75.00 buy now

Junction: A place of meeting or joining. Once, all was forest, then came the colonizers, who took down much of the forest. Pockets remain, and as it is the will of nature to grow and also to colonize, the junctions where field and forest meet are the site of a subtle battle.

Donnybrook Island, 6x6, glazed acrylic, $75.00 buy now

Pockets of life, islands of diversity, home to many, safe haven.

Happy Almost 2021

I've heard this week between Christmas and New Years called the limbo week, the week when the year is over, but it's not. I prefer to think of it as the week of anticipation, a time to rest, and plan, and even dream of what the new year will look like, and how we'll live in it.
I think many of us this year in particular, are anxious to move forward. Living through a historical event has been interesting to say the lest, and something most of us have no desire to repeat. It gives us greater perspective though, on what previous generations have endured, much of it far far worse than this. So here's to a better year, lets kick 2020 to the curb and move forward into 2021 with a smile in our hearts.

I would like to thank all of you for your kind words, and purchases this year.

Spring Tree, posted in last months newsletter found a new home, and my covid pivot with my business Expressive Brush has been slowly but surely building momentum, Project Packs are available for creatives of all ages, on my teaching website  

I truly appreciate you all, and wish you the best for the New Year, HERE'S TO 2021

and yes this is a Project Pack  (shameless self advertisement)  

Until next month

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