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January 2021


What's On Robin's Easel This Month?

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8x8 Pastel Sketch #1

Happy Lock down to you!

The numbers are going down, we're below 2,000 this morning, a vaccine is on its way, (my dad got his a week ago YAY) and things are starting to look more hopeful. My pallet has changed too, maybe it's my optimism peeking through. 
The first lockdown I had a hard time focusing on art, which is not apparently an uncommon complaint, but this time around, all I want to do is paint!  Which is good, not only is my STEPAC solo fast approaching (July 24-Spt 4) but the St Thomas Art Guild is having it's very first online art show March 1st to 15th.    opening night in your living room, dress code-comfy. 

And that my friends is where I need your help!
I can only put two pieces up for the show, help me choose from my latest 6 works, I also need help naming them so any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
The unselected 4 will be going onto my website  once they have names of course!

6x6 #1 Sketched at Mossley Drive and Brady Road

6x6 #2 Sketched at Ron McNeil and Yarmouth Centre

6x6 #3 Sketched at Gibbons Park

6x6 #4 Sketched on Crompton Drive

6x6 #5 Sketched at Venture Gate and Hamilton Rd

6x6 #6 Sketched at Commissioners Rd at Victoria Flats

My default naming technique is to just name the location, but that's a bit boring and predictable, so help!

Speaking of sketches, I've accumulated a LOT of sketches, I'm planning on matting some of the small ones up and having them for sale at the Art Emporium once the lockdown is over and we open back up, I've thrown many out, but it always feels like such a waste, so they may as well see if they can find homes.  

You'll be happy to hear that one of the mini's I had at the STEPAC mini show found a home, I'm not sure which one, with the lockdown I haven't been able to pick the remaining two up, but I got the cheque, and promptly went to the art supply store!

Also I'm still developing new Art Project Packs each week, if you know someone who'd like a creative activity during lock down check out my teaching page Expressive Brush
I've also  started a Instagram and FaceBook page @expressivebrushart for that side of my business, of course my art Instagram and FaceBook @robinbarattaart are long established if you haven't already followed me there you might consider it.

A year ago we had no clue what was in store for us, and as difficult as this has been, there are silver linings too.

I stole this off FaceBook, but it seems relevant, and a nice way to leave things for now 

No photo description available.

Until next month, stay healthy, 

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