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February 2021


What's On Robin's Easel This Month?

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Another Sketch On The Dinning Room Table

More art then meals are made on my dinning room table, especially this year, when family dinners have been just hubby, studio dog and I.
I am hopeful though that it won't be long until the dinning room easel will once again be at lest occasionally put away!!
I hope lock down #2 was good to you, speaking for myself, it seems like a less terrifying, and dare I say it, almost familiar place to be this (and hopefully last) time.
I've certainly made a lot more art this time through, and a part of me is going to miss the slower more reflective pace of the past year. 

I'd like to remind you, that the St Thomas Art Guild is having our very first online Art Show. 

Starting March 1st, go to our website, you'll see two works by each of our participating artists, click on the picture for information on  the work, A bit further down the page, there is a list of the artists. When you click on a name, it will take you to that artist's page with MORE ART, and information on how you can make the show art and other works by that artist your very own!!!

Make sure you check the show out, after all how often can you go to an art show in your jammies!
The work is over the top amazing, with art of every style, and of course, I have my work in the show too.

The Art Emporium has opened (post lockdown) again, Yay! We're in winter hours, which means Saturday and Sunday 11-4 only, but that's still OPEN!

As you know I've been working on several smaller pieces for the gift shop.  
Last month I asked for help with names for the 6, 6x6's I had  just completed, and the suggestions were wonderful, some I used, some I used as a spring board, and other names I'm keeping in my metaphorical hip pocket for use in the future.
One of the works 'Purple Haze' is in the St Thomas show. It and the rest are of course all available off my website  which I've been hard at work gussying up, as the St Thomas show simply points you to each artist's web presence.
I still have a few buy now buttons to add, plus a few other tweaks, fingers crossed I only have a few days left to get it all ready!!

New work this month:

Posted, 8x8, glazed acrylic.
$140.00 buy now

There was a time, when life moved at a slower pace, in rhythm with the seasons. Posts were for stringing fence lines, not online. Was life better then? or is that just a romantic notion.  I'll leave it to you to decide.  

Plus  almost done are these two, as yet unnamed, maybe I'll use some of the names you gifted me with last month!!

My Solo Show Opening at STEPAC is just 5 months away, It's almost time to start a count down!!
I do still want to do a couple more larger works, but I have lots to chose from already, so the sense of urgency AKA panic I was experiencing last year at this time is non-existent, I'm not sure if that's a good thing...or bad lol. 

Until next month

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